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"The program was so well structured,
   the instructors and graduate students so
      obviously invested...and the events so diverse
         that I would (and do) highly recommend it."

	—Berkeley Connect participant
berkeley connect meeting
berkeley connect meeting

Where do I go for my first Berkeley Connect meeting?

Each Berkeley Connect program began with a welcome/kick-off meeting for all students during the first week of the semester (week of January 19).  During the second week of the semester (week of January 26), please plan to attend your first small-group (section) meeting at the day/time/location listed in the Schedule of Classes. After the second week, the schedule varies each week--there may be a section meeting, a special event, a field trip, or office hours with your mentor. For details, check the syllabus posted on bCourses or on this website under Participating Departments.


Berkeley Connect combines the intellectual firepower of a world-class research university with the nurturing inclusiveness of a small liberal arts college.

Berkeley Connect offers students a chance to build relationships with their peers, graduate students, professors, and alumni/ae based on a shared love of ideas and a common desire to support one another during and after their time at Berkeley.

Berkeley Connect pairs undergraduate students with graduate student mentors in a semester-long, 1-credit program that includes:

Because participants are grouped by declared or intended major, Berkeley Connect allows students to discover mutual academic interests. The graduate fellows, who are themselves mentored by senior faculty, act as group leaders and individual mentors. The individual attention that they provide helps students make the most of their undergraduate experience. The mentors also facilitate the relationship between undergraduates and professors, showing students how to approach their professors and how to get the most out of each class they take. In addition, the program includes informal lectures by professors, visits to Berkeley resources (the Art Museum is a popular destination), panel discussions with Berkeley alums about career opportunities and graduate school, and social events in which professors, graduate students, and undergraduates can talk informally about intellectual issues.

Drawing on the University's extraordinary strengths, Berkeley Connect offers more of what students already value: closer ties to their teachers and to each other.

See About Us for more about Berkeley Connect's mission, program design, and impact.

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