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The Politics of Playlists

Does music have a political purpose? At a recent Berkeley Connect Music small-group discussion, students discussed what songs they would use in their presidential campaigns. Graduate student mentor Amadeus Regucera shared his pick: “I’m So Bored With the USA” by The Clash. His choice stood in stark contrast to many students’ more patriotic songs. One […]

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Life After History

“What are you going to do with a History degree?” For History majors, this question is all too familiar. The prevailing attitude towards the major is often one of confusion or even contempt. If you are not planning on becoming a historian, how can majoring in History possibly help you in the job market? Well, […]

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Breaking into Research as an Undergrad

The topic of research can be daunting for an undergrad. You know you’re supposed to be doing it to build your resume, but you’re not sure how or where to find a research position, or what exactly research even entails. Luckily for Berkeley Connect Physics students, a panel of Physics majors recently came together to […]

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Exploring the Architectural Heritage of UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley students don’t have to travel far to view inspiring examples of architecture and landscape design. Anyone who has visited the campus knows it’s a magnificent sight to see. With the Neoclassical beauty of Doe Library, the tranquil forest groves near Faculty Glade, and the glorious Sather Tower visible from miles away, students’ daily […]

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The Experience that Made Me a Professor

“Did you have one experience that made you realize you wanted to become a professor?” Three Sociology professors recently spoke with Berkeley Connect students about the moment they realized they wanted to pursue a career in academia. Professor Cristina Mora began as an undergraduate student at Cal in 1998, the first in her family to […]

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Exploring the Wonders of the Bancroft Library

Just about every student on campus has holed up in Main Stacks to cram for a midterm or two, but many students remain unaware of the remarkable resources our libraries have to offer. Recently, Berkeley Connect English students visited the Bancroft Library to view some rare books from its collection and learn about their history. […]

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