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Environmental Research, Environmental Action

What draws an individual to study a particular field? Or even dedicate their entire career to it? At a recent Berkeley Connect ESPM section, Professor Alastair Iles visited the class to discuss his career in environmental science with the students. Professor Iles is hearing-impaired, so he communicated with students by typing into a Word document […]

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In Search of a Career

Being in college is not easy: studying around the clock, keeping up with extracurricular activities, and maybe even working a job on the side to help pay tuition. But the prospect of finding employment after graduation can be even more stressful and scary. Fortunately, Berkeley Connect recently held a career workshop to help students navigate […]

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The Rewards of Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research may seem like a natural step for STEM majors. But for social science majors, it might not be their first instinct. At a recent Berkeley Connect in Sociology event, a panel of sociology undergraduates shared their experiences entering the world of research. Professor Kim Voss, the director of Berkeley Connect in Sociology, kicked […]

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Climate Change: Science, Policy, and Politics

Despite what some politicians may tell you, the scientific evidence is clear: climate change is a real problem, and it’s a big problem. At a recent event jointly organized by Berkeley Connect in ESPM (Environmental Science, Policy, & Management) and Berkeley Connect in Physics, a panel of professors spoke to students about this pressing environmental […]

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