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Time Management for Aspiring Architects

When graduate student Amina Alkandari asked a small group of Berkeley Connect Architecture students she is mentoring, “Who pulled an all-nighter this past week?,” five hands went up. With projects, exams, and paper deadlines, Berkeley students are often on the brink of exhaustion. Spending all night working in the studios of Wurster Hall is a […]

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Footnotes and Sewers

“Like the toilet, the footnote enables one to deal with ugly tasks in private; like the toilet, it is tucked genteelly away–often, in recent years, not even at the bottom of the page but at the end of the book. Out of sight, and even out of mind, seems exactly where so banal a device […]

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English Scholars Reveal Writing Methods

Every student with a paper assignment and a deadline looming has probably wondered, “How do I get started?” or “How do I keep going?” or “What am I trying to say?” At a recent panel for Berkeley Connect English students, graduate students and professors opened up about their own writing processes. Here are some of […]

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Research Opportunities in Physics

  Berkeley students are lucky to study at a research university: new knowledge is being produced around us all the time. Many students would like to make research part of their undergraduate experience, but some aren’t sure how to begin. Recently, graduate student mentor Micah Brush led Berkeley Connect Physics students through a discussion of […]

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Witnessing the Future of Genomic Sequencing

Researchers at Berkeley can take advantage of new technology that allows them to conduct, for just a few thousand dollars, experiments that once cost millions. Students in Berkeley Connect Computational Biology recently got a special opportunity to visit the Genomic Sequencing Lab (GSL) in Stanley Hall. Facilities Director Shana McDevitt gave them an orientation to […]

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Why Philosophy?

Often the first question on anyone’s mind is a deceptively simple one: “Why?” Why do I have to go to class today? Why do cicadas emerge only once every 17 years? Why am I here? Philosophy Berkeley Connect invited faculty to entertain some of these “Why” questions. Of course, they were not able to address […]

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Berkeley Connect Welcomes New Students

Friends, pizza, nature, and beef skewers! Berkeley Connect held Welcome Events across Philosophy, History, Mathematics, ESPM, Architecture, and other departments. Here are some pictures from the first week of instruction: Computational Biology formed a circle to introduce themselves after Professor Nicholas Ingolia gave a brief presentation on Computational Bio and Berkeley Connect. English students were […]

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Find Your Fall 2017 Berkeley Connect Welcome Event

Did you enroll in Berkeley Connect, or hope to enroll? Are you trying to figure out where to go the first week? Each Berkeley Connect program kicks off with a welcome event; sections begin meeting the following week at the date/time/location listed in the schedule of classes. Check the schedule below for the date, time, and location […]

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Notes on Changing the Campus Culture

Entering a classroom in Morrison Hall, Berkeley Connect Music students were greeted with an array of sensory pleasures: the speakers played “Footprints” by Wayne Shorter and the strong smell of garlic and Chinese takeout pervaded the room. Once the students had settled down, graduate mentor Elizabeth (Beezer) de Martelly explained the focus of the day’s […]

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My Favorite Berkeley Connect Moment, Spring 2017

We invited students participating in Berkeley Connect in Spring 2017 to enter our Student Voice Contest and share with us a memorable experience they had in Berkeley Connect. The winning entry was written by Surina Gulati, who participated in Berkeley Connect in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management.   Berkeley Connect has given me a tremendous sense […]

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