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Time Management for Aspiring Architects

When graduate student Amina Alkandari asked a small group of Berkeley Connect Architecture students she is mentoring, “Who pulled an all-nighter this past week?,” five hands went up. With projects, exams, and paper deadlines, Berkeley students are often on the brink of exhaustion. Spending all night working in the studios of Wurster Hall is a […]

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Seeing Like an Architect

Exploring cities, whether as a resident or as a traveler, is an architect’s bread and butter. To an architect, wandering the city is akin to visiting a living museum where buildings are the exhibits and the people, cars, and greenery bring those exhibits to life. Last week, Berkeley Connect Architecture students discussed their philosophies for […]

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Exploring the Architectural Heritage of UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley students don’t have to travel far to view inspiring examples of architecture and landscape design. Anyone who has visited the campus knows it’s a magnificent sight to see. With the Neoclassical beauty of Doe Library, the tranquil forest groves near Faculty Glade, and the glorious Sather Tower visible from miles away, students’ daily […]

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Students Quiz Architecture Professors

Berkeley Connect in Architecture students recently got a chance to pose some of their burning questions about the field to Architecture professors Luisa Caldas and Darell Fields. Professor Caldas’s specialty lies in sustainable design; before coming to Berkeley, she studied at MIT as well as at universities in London and Lisbon. Professor Fields is interested […]

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A Day in the Life of an Architect

Berkeley Connect Architecture students get the inside scoop At “A Day in the Life of an Architect,” Berkeley Connect Architecture students got a chance to step into the shoes of practicing architects, as a panel of local practitioners (most of whom graduated from UC Berkeley) described a typical day in their professional lives.

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What is (Not) Architecture?

Berkeley Connect Architecture explore what is and isn’t architecture Berkeley Connect students came together in their small groups last week to discuss what is and is not architecture. I joined graduate mentor Catherine Covey and her small group as they began to answer this seemingly simple question. A lively conversation ensued. Students had each brought […]

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Architecture says goodbye!

Berkeley Connect Architecture gathered together one final time to say goodbye to a great semester. Students, mentors, and Berkeley Connect Architecture faculty shared their experiences over holiday snacks and pizza. Students also signed a Berkeley Connect yearbook on the wall, leaving thank you notes for mentors and drawing/writing their favorite moments of the semester.

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The Jury: During & After

Berkeley Connect Architecture students discuss delivering studio presentations As Berkeley Connect Architecture students explained to me, the studio is a natural habitat for Architecture students – and an incredibly intense one. All Architecture students are required to take a studio based on their interests, and it is there that they get to apply the design […]

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Challenges in Architecture

Berkeley Connect Architecture faculty discuss graduate school and beyond Berkeley Connect Architecture students recently got the opportunity to talk to Professors Renee Chow and Raveevarn Choksombatchai about their challenges and experiences in graduate school and beyond. When asked about her greatest challenge in graduate school, Professor Chow replied that she initially struggled with bridging the history and […]

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Exploring Memorial Stadium

Berkeley Connect Architecture students get a tour of the newly renovated stadium California Memorial Stadium is the home of the California Golden Bears – and one of the largest football-only stadiums in Northern California. Another unique quality? It is the only stadium built entirely on a seismic fault. The newly renovated stadium not only looks sleeker […]

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