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Why Philosophy?

Often the first question on anyone’s mind is a deceptively simple one: “Why?” Why do I have to go to class today? Why do cicadas emerge only once every 17 years? Why am I here? Philosophy Berkeley Connect invited faculty to entertain some of these “Why” questions. Of course, they were not able to address […]

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My Favorite Berkeley Connect Moment: Philosophy

We invited students participating in Berkeley Connect in Spring 2016 to enter our Berkeley Connect Student Voice Contest and share with us a memorable experience they had in Berkeley Connect. The third of three winning entries was written by Myron Liu, who participated in Berkeley Connect in Philosophy. My favorite Berkeley Connect moment was a discussion that began […]

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Philosophy in Popular Culture

Philosophy tends to make its way into popular culture in relatively limited ways – take the wise words of Yoda in Star Wars, for example. At a recent Berkeley Connect Philosophy small-group discussion, graduate student mentor Eugene Chislenko asked students to consider how philosophy is represented in pop culture. “Popular culture characterizes philosophy as useless,” […]

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All the Places You’ll Go… with a Philosophy Degree

When you are an undergraduate stressing out about the future, one way to relieve your stress is to hear about all the different career paths that alumni in your major have taken. Fortunately for Berkeley Connect Philosophy students, a panel of UC Berkeley Philosophy alumni were willing to share their experiences of life after graduation. […]

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How to Write Philosophy

Berkeley Connect Philosophy students get serious about the writing process   “This is different from our usual discussions,” Mentor Arpy Khatchirian said, as I came in. “It’s much more serious today. More academic.” In this small-group discussion, Berkeley Connect Philosophy students explored how to write effective philosophy papers and came away with a lot of new insights into […]

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Branches of Philosophy

Berkeley Connect Philosophy students explore branches of philosophy  Last week, I joined Berkeley Connect Philosophy students and mentor Melissa Fusco as they discuss the many different branches of philosophy. When asked to name branches of philosophy, the students put together an impressive “crowd-sourced” list that included everything from epistemology to the philosophy of math.

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Philosophy Career Panel

Berkeley Connect Philosophy students discuss careers with alumni panel “What can I do with my Philosophy degree?” To help answer this common question, a panel of UC Berkeley Philosophy alumni talked to Berkeley Connect Philosophy students about the different career paths they pursued after graduation, providing valuable advice about the future. Facilitated by Berkeley Connect Philosophy […]

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Touring Berkeley Art Museum

Berkeley Connect Philosophy students visit the Berkeley Art Museum  Berkeley Connect Philosophy students had an eye-opening experience on April 4th: a guided tour of the Berkeley Art Museum with museum curator Lynne Kimura, specifically tailored to students of philosophy. The first work the students viewed was a large 14th century bronze Tibetian Buddha. Lynne pointed […]

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Work Habits and the Writing Process

Berkeley Connect Philosophy students discuss how to write philosophy papers  Writing a philosophy paper is very different from writing other kinds of essays. Recently I sat in as graduate student Michael Rieppel discussed the important distinctions between philosophy papers and papers for other courses with the group of Berkeley Connect students he is mentoring this semester. “It’s especially […]

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