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Studying, Stress, and Self-Care

Students at Berkeley care. We care about our environment, we care about social issues—and we care about academics. With midterm season well underway, you don’t have to travel far on campus to see students frantically studying or comparing the number of hours they slept the night before. Sometimes it seems that we can care too […]

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Seeing Like an Architect

Exploring cities, whether as a resident or as a traveler, is an architect’s bread and butter. To an architect, wandering the city is akin to visiting a living museum where buildings are the exhibits and the people, cars, and greenery bring those exhibits to life. Last week, Berkeley Connect Architecture students discussed their philosophies for […]

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Social Justice Inside and Outside the Classroom

    Students at UC Berkeley know that a history of our university would be woefully incomplete if it didn’t mention Cal students’ longstanding engagement with issues of social justice. We are reminded of past victories every time we refuel at the Free Speech Movement café. Ongoing protests and open letters to campus leaders remind […]

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The Music We Hate

“Hate. It’s a strong word,” began Berkeley Connect Music mentor Andrew Ly. He paused to wait for the chattering to die down but he didn’t need to—the students in the classroom were already curious to see where Andrew’s provocative opening might lead. A recent Berkeley Connect in Music discussion session was all about hate—starting with […]

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What Shapes History

  For the non-historians out there, the past is often taken for granted. We know what we learned in high school and we have the “facts” to back it up—the atomic bomb touched the world in 1945, humans touched the moon in 1969. But who decides what qualifies as history? How do primary and secondary […]

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A Historian at Work

We see them standing at the front of lecture halls, or maybe meet with them during office hours, but it’s fairly rare that we get sustained time with our professors up close, or hear them discuss how they approach their own work. At a recent Berkeley Connect History small-group discussion, distinguished historian Martin Jay spoke […]

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Math, History, Philosophy: Exploring the Connections

  Mathematics can seem abstract, separate from the “real world,” but actually, math is tightly wound into the history of humankind. At one of the last Berkeley Connect Math small-group discussions of the semester, students considered math’s origins in the ancient world, and the role it plays in our contemporary world. As a case study, […]

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Environmental Research, Environmental Action

What draws an individual to study a particular field? Or even dedicate their entire career to it? At a recent Berkeley Connect ESPM section, Professor Alastair Iles visited the class to discuss his career in environmental science with the students. Professor Iles is hearing-impaired, so he communicated with students by typing into a Word document […]

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Anatomy of a Hit Song

We all know a hit song when we hear one. But just what goes into making one – well, that gets a little more complicated. At a recent Berkeley Connect in Music small-group discussion, graduate mentor Jamie Apgar asked students what they thought were characteristics of a hit song. “A hit song is easy to […]

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Philosophy in Popular Culture

Philosophy tends to make its way into popular culture in relatively limited ways – take the wise words of Yoda in Star Wars, for example. At a recent Berkeley Connect Philosophy small-group discussion, graduate student mentor Eugene Chislenko asked students to consider how philosophy is represented in pop culture. “Popular culture characterizes philosophy as useless,” […]

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