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Environmental Research, Environmental Action

What draws an individual to study a particular field? Or even dedicate their entire career to it? At a recent Berkeley Connect ESPM section, Professor Alastair Iles visited the class to discuss his career in environmental science with the students. Professor Iles is hearing-impaired, so he communicated with students by typing into a Word document […]

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Anatomy of a Hit Song

We all know a hit song when we hear one. But just what goes into making one – well, that gets a little more complicated. At a recent Berkeley Connect in Music small-group discussion, graduate mentor Jamie Apgar asked students what they thought were characteristics of a hit song. “A hit song is easy to […]

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Philosophy in Popular Culture

Philosophy tends to make its way into popular culture in relatively limited ways – take the wise words of Yoda in Star Wars, for example. At a recent Berkeley Connect Philosophy small-group discussion, graduate student mentor Eugene Chislenko asked students to consider how philosophy is represented in pop culture. “Popular culture characterizes philosophy as useless,” […]

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How to Interview

Berkeley students gain a lot of valuable knowledge in the classroom. However, their academic courses don’t always provide them with practical “real life” skills. Inevitably, at some point after graduating, students will be entering the job market. In order to land the job of one’s dreams, it’s important to learn how to successfully navigate a […]

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The Politics of Playlists

Does music have a political purpose? At a recent Berkeley Connect Music small-group discussion, students discussed what songs they would use in their presidential campaigns. Graduate student mentor Amadeus Regucera shared his pick: “I’m So Bored With the USA” by The Clash. His choice stood in stark contrast to many students’ more patriotic songs. One […]

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Power, Pop Culture, and Drunk History

At a recent Berkeley Connect Ethnic Studies and African American Studies small-group discussion, students shared their thoughts on issues of power in pop culture. To kick the discussion off, graduate student mentor Christina Bush showed the class an episode of Comedy Central’s series “Drunk History.” The video presented a humorous rendition of Harriet Tubman’s military […]

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Student Perspectives on Black Lives Matter

Berkeley is known for its rich history of student activism. Since the Free Speech Movement that UC Berkeley students instigated back in the 1960s, the protest culture has remained alive and well here on campus. This was the subject of a recent Berkeley Connect Social Welfare discussion. To begin, graduate student mentor Renee Mack asked […]

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“My Favorite Class”

Berkeley Connect Sociology students reflect on best classes and best practices “The goal for today is to think about classes and teaching styles you’ve enjoyed in the past,” Berkeley Connect Sociology mentor Angela Fillingim said as students settled in for their small-group meeting. “It doesn’t have to be a class at Berkeley! But hopefully, through this […]

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Finding a Critical Voice

Berkeley Connect English students play literary detectives How do you find your own critical voice? It helps to start by studying great role models. In  a recent small-group meeting, Berkeley Connect English students took part in a lively game that helped them explore and identify recognizable critical voices. Every student was given a passage and a […]

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How to Write Philosophy

Berkeley Connect Philosophy students get serious about the writing process   “This is different from our usual discussions,” Mentor Arpy Khatchirian said, as I came in. “It’s much more serious today. More academic.” In this small-group discussion, Berkeley Connect Philosophy students explored how to write effective philosophy papers and came away with a lot of new insights into […]

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