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Opening a New Chapter

Truth may be stranger than fiction, but fiction can be quite strange as well. The world of books is enchanting; it transports you to another world, where you’re experiencing another life. At a recent Berkeley Connect in English panel, professors and fiction writers Joyce Carol Oates, Melanie Abrams, and Vikram Chandra discussed their journey towards […]

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Helping You Shape Your Future

  Your future after graduation may seem difficult to determine. There are many preconceptions about the “real world”: Your first job will dictate the rest of your life! Once you start on one career path, you’re stuck with it! At a recent career workshop for Berkeley Connect students, an alumna speaker and counselors from the […]

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Welcome back!

Welcome Week: Berkeley Connect Edition Welcome to a new semester, folks! The spring semester is a time to start anew, a time to stop procrastinating, to cultivate new friendships, to heighten your confidence. The first week of the semester was a busy one for Berkeley Connect, with welcome events happening all across campus.     […]

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Can Sociology Save Your Life?

It’s sometimes difficult for students to see professors as people other than graders or lecturers. Recently, Berkeley Connect Sociology held an open, honest, and encouraging dialogue to help students get to know the professors who choose to teach sociology at UC Berkeley. Two new professors, Robert Braun and Yan Long, joined with experienced professor Michael […]

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A Degree in English Does Not Equal Unemployment!

What can you do with a degree in English? Nervous English majors want to know! At a recent event for Berkeley Connect English students, three alumni on very different professional paths reminisced about their time within the English department and described how their careers took shape following graduation. Each of these alumni demonstrated how the […]

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Using Your Education to Make a Difference

What does your future hold? Are you bound for success? These may seem like the opening lines of a kitschy psychic, but they are also questions many students ponder during their undergraduate years. Students with a strong social conscience may be drawn to majors such as Ethnic Studies, but wonder how their studies will translate […]

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How to Write a Philosophy Paper

Some may think that the field of philosophy is inaccessible, full of larger-than-life ideas that seem difficult to comprehend. From this point of view, the prospect of writing about philosophy can be daunting. However, in his recent talk to Berkeley Connect students on  “How To Write a Paper for a Philosophy Course,” Professor Niko Kolodny […]

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Berkeley Connect Welcomes New Students

Friends, pizza, nature, and beef skewers! Berkeley Connect held Welcome Events across Philosophy, History, Mathematics, ESPM, Architecture, and other departments. Here are some pictures from the first week of instruction: Computational Biology formed a circle to introduce themselves after Professor Nicholas Ingolia gave a brief presentation on Computational Bio and Berkeley Connect. English students were […]

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Sociology faculty share their paths to academia

As students start to think about what they will do once their undergraduate years are over, they can feel like they are being presented with many pathways and little direction. In an effort  to connect students with more information about their options, Sociology Berkeley Connect planned two major career-oriented events: one focused on academia and […]

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Experiencing History at the Bancroft Library

Consumed by our present reality, it can be difficult to imagine history as anything but words and dates: abstract notions of the past. History majors, however, seek to bridge the gap between past and present. Recently, the faculty for Berkeley Connect History facilitated this discovery process by bringing students to the Bancroft Library. Located at […]

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