Hearst Field Annex B-22
Berkeley CA 94720-2495
Phone: (510) 664-4182
Email: berkeleyconnect@berkeley.edu

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PLEASE NOTE: as of May 20, 2016, the Berkeley Connect office will be temporarily located in Hearst Field Annex, Building B, while Wheeler Hall is closed for renovations.  

DIRECTIONS: Hearst Field Annex is located south of Barrows Hall and west of Hearst Gym; it can be reached from Bancroft Way, just west of Bowditch.

Berkeley Connect is scheduled to return to Wheeler Hall in Summer 2017. Our campus mail code remains MC 2495.

Berkeley Connect
M13 Wheeler Hall [relocating Summer 2016-Summer 2017]
Berkeley CA 94720-2495
Phone: (510)664-4182

Email: berkeleyconnect@berkeley.edu


From the front entrance of the building: Use the western-most entrance door, the side of the building closest to Sather Gate/Dwinelle Hall. Proceed straight down the hall until you have almost exited the building at the back. On your right you will see a door and signs for the Berkeley Connect office.

From the back of the building, facing Doe Library: Use the western-most staircase, furthest from the Campanile tower. Once you enter the building, the door with signs for the Berkeley Connect office will be on your left.

Wheelchair access: Enter from the back of the building, at the western-most corner, furthest from the Campanile tower, at the Basement level. To your left as your enter is an open door that leads to the Mezzanine elevator. Take the elevator to level M2; the Berkeley Connect office is directly across from the elevator.


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