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Study Break with Berkeley Connect English

BC English students & faculty take a much-needed break Amid midterms, Berkeley Connect students and faculty take time to relax and talk life and literature over delicious appetizers! posted by Katherine Wang Berkeley Connect Communications Assistant

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Music and the Everyday

Berkeley Connect Music students talk about what it means to truly listen to music Music is part of our daily lives, but what does it truly mean to listen? Berkeley Connect Music students explored the concept of listening at a recent small-group discussion. I joined graduate mentor Rachana Vajjhala and her students as they discussed […]

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Work Habits and the Writing Process

Berkeley Connect Philosophy students discuss how to write philosophy papers  Writing a philosophy paper is very different from writing other kinds of essays. Recently I sat in as graduate student Michael Rieppel discussed the important distinctions between philosophy papers and papers for other courses with the group of Berkeley Connect students he is mentoring this semester. “It’s especially […]

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Exploring the Bancroft Library

Berkeley Connect History students take a tour of the vast collection of the Bancroft Library The Bancroft Library is a rare resource that most students have never explored–but recently, Berkeley Connect History students got the opportunity to do just that. The Bancroft Library is home to one of the largest collections of rare historical books and […]

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Race & Humor

Berkeley Connect in Ethnic Studies students discuss why we need comedians  At a recent small-group discussion session, Berkeley Connect Ethnic Studies students explored race and humor and the importance of comedians. I joined Berkeley Connect Fellow Wanda Alarcón and her students as they navigated the borders between funny and not-funny in a discussion that was both […]

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Databases Beyond Google

Students explore Berkeley’s databases with librarian Jim Ronningen On March 3rd, Berkeley Connect Sociology students joined librarian Jim Ronningen for a virtual tour of UC Berkeley’s vast library databases. As the session began, one student asked if Ronningen knew accurate sources of information about the revolts in Ukraine, citing an interest in finding unbiased and […]

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Where do design ideas come from?

Students discuss architecture and design in Havens House On February 27, 2014, Berkeley Connect Architecture students were given the rare opportunity to visit Havens House, an architectural gem now owned by the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design, to hear Professors Jean-Pierre Protzen and Andrew Atwood speak about design and architecture. Designed in 1940 by […]

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Physics Panel on Undergraduate Life

Berkeley undergraduates and graduates talk about everything from balancing life and work to co-op living in physics panel From left: Nick Kellar, Sophia Elia, Arielle Little, Rebecca Jolitz Mentorship is what this program is all about, and it was evident in the panel of undergraduates and graduates who came to speak to the Berkeley Connect […]

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Proving Fermat’s Little Theorem

Berkeley Connect Math students explore Fermat’s Little Theorem & its proofs What’s simple can be deceptive, as Berkeley Connect Fellow Pablo Solis proved at a recent small group meeting. During the hour, Berkeley Connect Math students dissected proofs of Fermat’s Little Theorem, which states that for every prime number p, ap – a (a being any […]

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