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Music Students Look to the Future

Berkeley Connect Music student discuss undergraduate research and future plans  On October 30, Berkeley Connect Music students and their graduate student mentor, Nell Cloutier, explored career paths and undergraduate research in their small-group discussion. When asked what they hoped to do after they graduated, the answers were diverse – from becoming a music teacher to […]

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Exploring the Past of Math

Berkeley Connect Math students visit the Bancroft Library Berkeley Connect Math students were in for a treat when they took a trip to the Bancroft Library last week. Guided by the Bancroft’s Lee Anne Titangos, students got the opportunity to browse everything from the first printed version of Euclid’s Elements to a letter written by […]

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Art and Sociology

Berkeley Connect Sociology students visit the Berkeley Art Museum Berkeley Connect Sociology students received a special tour of the UC Berkeley Art Museum (BAM) last week to explore the intersection between art and sociology. Guided by BAM Director of Education Sherry Goodman, the students discover important and sometimes surprising parallels between their studies and the pieces they encountered […]

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Getting Into Graduate School

Berkeley Connect students learn more about applying for grad school On October 14th, Berkeley Connect filled the Maude Fife Room in Wheeler Hall for  its first program-wide event, a lecture by Dr. Carla Trujillo, Graduate Diversity Program Director, on “Getting into Graduate School.” Carla’s incredibly dynamic lecture touched on every aspect of the application process for graduate programs, from […]

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What To Do With a Ethnic Studies Major. Seriously.

Comedian and UC Berkeley graduate Irene Tu entertain and inform On October 9th, Berkeley Connect Ethnic Studies and African Americans Studies welcomed Irene Tu, Berkeley graduate and stand-up comic. Irene graduated in 2014 as an Asian American and Asian Diaspora major. “I spent $200,000 to move back in with my mom,” she cracked as she […]

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Making a Change

Berkeley Connect ESPM students discuss solutions to California’s drought The theme of Berkeley Connect EPSM this semester is “How to Make Change,” and Berkeley Connect ESPM students talked about just that in their small groups last week. In the group led by graduate mentor Manisha Anantharaman, the conversation focused on an environmental issue that hits […]

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