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The Jury: During & After

Berkeley Connect Architecture students discuss delivering studio presentations As Berkeley Connect Architecture students explained to me, the studio is a natural habitat for Architecture students – and an incredibly intense one. All Architecture students are required to take a studio based on their interests, and it is there that they get to apply the design […]

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The Ethics Choice of a Scientist: the Example of Robert Oppenheimer

Berkeley Connect Physics panel discusses social responsibility of scientists  On November 26, Berkeley Connect Physics tackled the tough questions. Assembled to talk about Robert Oppenheimer’s life and to answer questions about ethics in science were faculty from diverse backgrounds: Professors Joonhong Ahn (Nuclear Engineering),  Cathryn Carson  (History), Steven Glazer (Civil and Mechanical Engineering), Raymond Jeanloz (Earth and […]

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The Sociological Imagination

Berkeley Connect Sociology students discuss cultivating a sociological perspective Mentor Angela Fillingim shows the class dis-aggregated data of Asian American incomes  First coined by C. Wright Mills in 1959, the phrase “sociological imagination” is used to describe a very particular way of thinking. This week, Berkeley Connect Sociology students put on their “sociological hats” to explore everything from tuition […]

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Challenges in Architecture

Berkeley Connect Architecture faculty discuss graduate school and beyond Berkeley Connect Architecture students recently got the opportunity to talk to Professors Renee Chow and Raveevarn Choksombatchai about their challenges and experiences in graduate school and beyond. When asked about her greatest challenge in graduate school, Professor Chow replied that she initially struggled with bridging the history and […]

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Branches of Philosophy

Berkeley Connect Philosophy students explore branches of philosophy  Last week, I joined Berkeley Connect Philosophy students and mentor Melissa Fusco as they discuss the many different branches of philosophy. When asked to name branches of philosophy, the students put together an impressive “crowd-sourced” list that included everything from epistemology to the philosophy of math.

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