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The Politics of Everyday Life

Berkeley Connect Ethnic Studies discuss the ways their research changes their everyday life Berkeley Connect Ethnic Studies & African American Studies students recently got to hear two professors talk about their work on a very personal level.  In a conversation moderated by Professor Na’ilah Suad Nasir, faculty members Evelyn Nakano Glenn (Ethnic Studies) and Brandi Catanese (African […]

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Searching for the Truth in History

Berkeley Connect History students explore the ways documents can be used and abused Berkeley Connect History students have been talking in their small-group meetings about how to use (and how not to use) primary sources. I got a chance to sit in on one of these discussions, being held in preparation for presentations by History professors on their […]

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What is (Not) Architecture?

Berkeley Connect Architecture explore what is and isn’t architecture Berkeley Connect students came together in their small groups last week to discuss what is and is not architecture. I joined graduate mentor Catherine Covey and her small group as they began to answer this seemingly simple question. A lively conversation ensued. Students had each brought […]

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Visual Thinking and Note-taking

Berkeley Connect students try out an innovative approach to taking notes Berkeley Connect students got a taste of Abby Van Muijen’s unique approach to note-taking in a special workshop organized just for Berkeley Connect participants. A Cal alum, Abby is the creative force behind the beautifully illustrated #GlobalPOV videos and currently teaches two classes on visual communications […]

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