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How to Write Philosophy

Berkeley Connect Philosophy students get serious about the writing process   “This is different from our usual discussions,” Mentor Arpy Khatchirian said, as I came in. “It’s much more serious today. More academic.” In this small-group discussion, Berkeley Connect Philosophy students explored how to write effective philosophy papers and came away with a lot of new insights into […]

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Meeting the Faculty

Berkeley Connect Math students learn about their professors’ paths to Berkeley In class, students rarely learn about where their professors came from or what they are working on now. Berkeley Connect Math hosted a special panel at which students could ask professors about anything–from their own personal journey to their current research. Invited to speak were […]

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Exploring the Past: What Is and Isn’t Documented

Professor Elena Schneider shares her favorite primary source with Berkeley Connect History Last Tuesday, Professor Elena Schneider came to speak to Berkeley Connect History students about her research – and her current favorite find. Professor Schneider studies war, trade, and slavery in colonial Latin America, particularly 18th century Cuba. “We don’t know much about that period […]

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How Professors Can Help

Berkeley Connect EPSM students talk to Director Justin Brashares about the future Berkeley Connect ESPM students recently got to sit down with Professor Justin Brashares,  faculty director of Berkeley Connect in ESPM, for a candid small-group discussion about everything from getting  a good letter of recommendation to finding your passion. Graduate student mentor Manisha Anantharaman set a relaxed […]

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