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Students for Good

Students who gravitate towards social welfare want to make a difference in the world. As they think about post-college careers, they wonder how they can have an impact. Recently, Berkeley Connect Social Welfare students got a chance to explore some of the options available to them as they heard about the experiences of two young, […]

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Philosophy in Popular Culture

Philosophy tends to make its way into popular culture in relatively limited ways – take the wise words of Yoda in Star Wars, for example. At a recent Berkeley Connect Philosophy small-group discussion, graduate student mentor Eugene Chislenko asked students to consider how philosophy is represented in pop culture. “Popular culture characterizes philosophy as useless,” […]

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How to Interview

Berkeley students gain a lot of valuable knowledge in the classroom. However, their academic courses don’t always provide them with practical “real life” skills. Inevitably, at some point after graduating, students will be entering the job market. In order to land the job of one’s dreams, it’s important to learn how to successfully navigate a […]

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All the Places You’ll Go… with a Philosophy Degree

When you are an undergraduate stressing out about the future, one way to relieve your stress is to hear about all the different career paths that alumni in your major have taken. Fortunately for Berkeley Connect Philosophy students, a panel of UC Berkeley Philosophy alumni were willing to share their experiences of life after graduation. […]

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