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Poetic Super Powers and Other Fond Memories

During “Dead Week,” while students were frantically completing their final papers and preparing for final exams, Berkeley Connect in English held a study break, to give Berkeley Connect students a chance to enjoy some refreshments and each other’s company. Between bites, some of them shared their favorite memories from the semester: Hayley Hooson said, “Last […]

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Hands-on in the Hearst Museum

The public galleries of the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology are closed for renovation and won’t re-open to the public until 2017, but some lucky students in Berkeley Connect Math got a chance to tour a portion of the museum’s vast collection (approximately 2.5 million objects). The students had the opportunity to view historical […]

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A Historian at Work

We see them standing at the front of lecture halls, or maybe meet with them during office hours, but it’s fairly rare that we get sustained time with our professors up close, or hear them discuss how they approach their own work. At a recent Berkeley Connect History small-group discussion, distinguished historian Martin Jay spoke […]

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