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Research Opportunities in Physics

  Berkeley students are lucky to study at a research university: new knowledge is being produced around us all the time. Many students would like to make research part of their undergraduate experience, but some aren’t sure how to begin. Recently, graduate student mentor Micah Brush led Berkeley Connect Physics students through a discussion of […]

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Witnessing the Future of Genomic Sequencing

Researchers at Berkeley can take advantage of new technology that allows them to conduct, for just a few thousand dollars, experiments that once cost millions. Students in Berkeley Connect Computational Biology recently got a special opportunity to visit the Genomic Sequencing Lab (GSL) in Stanley Hall. Facilities Director Shana McDevitt gave them an orientation to […]

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Why Philosophy?

Often the first question on anyone’s mind is a deceptively simple one: “Why?” Why do I have to go to class today? Why do cicadas emerge only once every 17 years? Why am I here? Philosophy Berkeley Connect invited faculty to entertain some of these “Why” questions. Of course, they were not able to address […]

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