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Time Management for Aspiring Architects

When graduate student Amina Alkandari asked a small group of Berkeley Connect Architecture students she is mentoring, “Who pulled an all-nighter this past week?,” five hands went up. With projects, exams, and paper deadlines, Berkeley students are often on the brink of exhaustion. Spending all night working in the studios of Wurster Hall is a […]

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Footnotes and Sewers

“Like the toilet, the footnote enables one to deal with ugly tasks in private; like the toilet, it is tucked genteelly away–often, in recent years, not even at the bottom of the page but at the end of the book. Out of sight, and even out of mind, seems exactly where so banal a device […]

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English Scholars Reveal Writing Methods

Every student with a paper assignment and a deadline looming has probably wondered, “How do I get started?” or “How do I keep going?” or “What am I trying to say?” At a recent panel for Berkeley Connect English students, graduate students and professors opened up about their own writing processes. Here are some of […]

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