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My Favorite Moment in Berkeley Connect, Spring 2018

  We invited students participating in Berkeley Connect in Spring 2018 to enter our Student Voice Contest and share with us a memorable experience they had in Berkeley Connect. The winning entry below was written by Mindy Dai, who participated in Berkeley Connect in Philosophy. Mindy is pictured here with the blue floor tile that provoked […]

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Growing Pains in Architecture

As any student who has ever worked on a creative project knows, at a certain point the distinction between art and identity begin to blur. The artwork we create become extensions of ourselves and frankly, it can get us into quite a frenzy. So when an outsider, an intruder, bags on our artwork and adds, […]

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Developing an Intellectual Project

How do scholars decide on the focus of their research projects? Berkeley Connect mentor Robert Connell began his academic journey far before he began the PhD program in African Diaspora Studies at UC Berkeley. Even before he entered York University as a Environmental Studies Major, his experiences and family background were shaping his academic interests. […]

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Are there blergs?

Berkeley Connect in Philosophy mentor Austin Andrews began a small-group discussion on objective truth with the question: Are there blergs? For a moment, I suspected this could be an insider’s jargon, popularized by a famous Aristotle essay I’d never read. I half-expected another student to answer, but from the muttered whats? and furrowed brows, I […]

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