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Helping You Shape Your Future

  Your future after graduation may seem difficult to determine. There are many preconceptions about the “real world”: Your first job will dictate the rest of your life! Once you start on one career path, you’re stuck with it! At a recent career workshop for Berkeley Connect students, an alumna speaker and counselors from the […]

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Ch-ch-changes, and how to manage them

Sometimes, life throws a curveball and sends you barrelling along a trajectory you didn’t expect. It can be difficult to maneuver these experiences. However, it’s something we all face, whether it’s entering university, moving to a new city, or getting a new job. In a recent Berkeley Connect Math small group discussion, students discussed the […]

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An Outdoor Education

Do you think of learning as an activity primarily done indoors, in a generic classroom with uncomfortable chairs? A recent Berkeley Connect Social Welfare field trip shattered that stereotype. Students got a breath of fresh air as they walked around the Berkeley Botanical Garden in the hills above campus, enjoying the amazing variety of plants […]

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