A Welcome to Belonging at Berkeley

img_7541A new year is beginning at UC Berkeley, and for many students, their first semester at a new school. Across the campus, Berkeley Connect programs have been holding their welcome events. Beneath the excitement and hubbub that marked each event, there was one consistent message that came across strong: You Belong Here.

Despite the variety of disciplines involved (13 different departments ranging from Music to Physics to Ethnic Studies), at the heart of all Berkeley Connect programs is a common mission: to create community by bringing students and mentors together to explore their shared academic passions.


Students meet at a welcome event for Berkeley Connect in Ethnic Studies & African American Studies.

While united in cause, each Berkeley Connect kickoff event was delightfully unique. Each discipline has a focus and a style that is unmistakably its own. While students from Berkeley Connect English joked lightheartedly about the unimaginable number of hours devoted towards their course readings, faculty members from Berkeley Connect Philosophy urged students to reflect on the purpose of higher education and why their discipline even exists at all. Social Welfare students discussed personal moments in their lives that led them on the path to serving marginalized communities, and Music students were treated to electrifying and passionate performances by the Berkeley Connect faculty.


Students in Berkeley Connect Music hear a performance by Professor Myra Melford.

As the semester progresses, Berkeley Connect students will meet individually with their mentors, engage in small group discussions, and attend special events and field trips. Through all these activities, students will build valuable relationships that will enhance their education in Berkeley–and may even endure beyond graduation.

This blog will be reporting on a broad sampling of Berkeley Connect programs, so check back often to see what’s happening!


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Victoria Jing

Berkeley Connect Communications Assistant