Berkeley Connect

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Part of the Division of Undergraduate Education,¬†Berkeley Connect is an academic mentoring program that combines the intellectual firepower of a world-class research university with the nurturing inclusiveness of a small liberal arts college. Our motto is “you belong here”: we work to strengthen students’ sense of belonging and community so they can get the most out of their undergraduate experience at Berkeley.

Berkeley Connect offers students a chance to build relationships with their peers, graduate students, professors, and alumni/ae based on a shared love of ideas and a common desire to support one another during and after their time at Berkeley.

Berkeley Connect pairs undergraduate students with graduate student mentors in a semester-long, 1-credit program that includes:

  • individual advising
  • small-group discussions
  • special events and excursions

Berkeley Connect allows students to meet peers with mutual academic interests. The graduate fellows, who are themselves mentored by senior faculty, mentor students one-on-one and in small groups, providing the personal attention that undergraduates crave. The mentors also facilitate the relationship between undergraduates and professors, showing students how to approach their professors and how to get the most out of each class they take. In addition, the program includes informal lectures by professors, visits to campus resources, panel discussions with Berkeley alums about career opportunities and graduate school, and social events in which professors, graduate students, and undergraduates can talk informally about intellectual issues.

Drawing on the University’s extraordinary strengths, Berkeley Connect offers more of what students already value: closer ties to their professors and to each other.

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