Berkeley Connect Welcomes New Students

Friends, pizza, nature, and beef skewers! Berkeley Connect held Welcome Events across Philosophy, History, Mathematics, ESPM, Architecture, and other departments. Here are some pictures from the first week of instruction:

Computational Biology formed a circle to introduce themselves after Professor Nicholas Ingolia gave a brief presentation on Computational Bio and Berkeley Connect.

English students were excited to leave the Hearst Field Annex and reunite with the newly renovated Wheeler Hall as Professor David Landreth answered students questions and explained the goals of Berkeley Connect in the Fall, with its focus on guidance and transitions, as compared to last Spring semester.

ESPM held their Welcome Week activities outdoors, beginning the semester in the natural world they intend to study. Students enjoyed eating Sliver Pizza while getting to meet their mentors and classmates. We’re excited to have old and new students join us. Stay on the lookout for several more smiling faces this semester!

Math Berkeley Connect students snacked on chips and dip as they listened to Professors Antonio Montalban and Jenny Harrison describe the course trajectory for the Fall Semester. Midway through, the students were visited by the Mathematics Undergraduate Student Association.

Music students met their mentors and made fast friends over vegetables and meat skewers, surrounded by the soft hum of the pianos from the nearby practice rooms in Morrison Hall.

posted by Gloria Choi

Berkeley Connect Communications Assistant