How to Cite the FBI, and Other Challenges for the Historian

Citations are the bane of many a student, absolutely critical yet seemingly so hard to master. In a recent Berkeley Connect in History discussion, mentor and recent History PhD-recipient Camilo Lund-Montano helped students understand the tricky world of citing using the Chicago Manual of Style, the accepted standard for historical writing.  Lund-Montano acclimated students to … Continue Reading »

Exploring the Treasures of the Bancroft Library

Recently, the Bancroft Library here on the Cal campus held an open day for multiple Berkeley Connect programs to view some of the amazing items in the library’s collection that can’t be checked out by anyone. Students had the opportunity to examine volumes by some of the most influential authors in history. The Bancroft is … Continue Reading »

Footnotes and Sewers

“Like the toilet, the footnote enables one to deal with ugly tasks in private; like the toilet, it is tucked genteelly away–often, in recent years, not even at the bottom of the page but at the end of the book. Out of sight, and even out of mind, seems exactly where so banal a device … Continue Reading »

Experiencing History at the Bancroft Library

Consumed by our present reality, it can be difficult to imagine history as anything but words and dates: abstract notions of the past. History majors, however, seek to bridge the gap between past and present. Recently, the faculty for Berkeley Connect History facilitated this discovery process by bringing students to the Bancroft Library. Located at … Continue Reading »

My Favorite Berkeley Connect Moment: History

As the Fall 2016 semester drew to a close, Berkeley Connect students were invited to share their favorite Berkeley Connect moments. All three posts that were selected for publication focus on a moment of connection. Here, Sahil Sheth describes how his Berkeley Connect in History mentor helped him and his classmates see that the divide between undergraduate students … Continue Reading »

What Shapes History

  For the non-historians out there, the past is often taken for granted. We know what we learned in high school and we have the “facts” to back it up—the atomic bomb touched the world in 1945, humans touched the moon in 1969. But who decides what qualifies as history? How do primary and secondary … Continue Reading »

A Historian at Work

Martin Jay

We see them standing at the front of lecture halls, or maybe meet with them during office hours, but it’s fairly rare that we get sustained time with our professors up close, or hear them discuss how they approach their own work. At a recent Berkeley Connect History small-group discussion, distinguished historian Martin Jay spoke … Continue Reading »

Life After History

“What are you going to do with a History degree?” For History majors, this question is all too familiar. The prevailing attitude towards the major is often one of confusion or even contempt. If you are not planning on becoming a historian, how can majoring in History possibly help you in the job market? Well, … Continue Reading »

Exploring the Past: What Is and Isn’t Documented

Professor Elena Schneider shares her favorite primary source with Berkeley Connect History Last Tuesday, Professor Elena Schneider came to speak to Berkeley Connect History students about her research – and her current favorite find. Professor Schneider studies war, trade, and slavery in colonial Latin America, particularly 18th century Cuba. “We don’t know much about that period … Continue Reading »