Ch-ch-changes, and how to manage them

Sometimes, life throws a curveball and sends you barrelling along a trajectory you didn’t expect. It can be difficult to maneuver these experiences. However, it’s something we all face, whether it’s entering university, moving to a new city, or getting a new job. In a recent Berkeley Connect Math small group discussion, students discussed the … Continue Reading »

To Be or Not to Be (an Intern)

It’s that time of the year. What’s your internship for this summer? Have you started looking? Already landed one? Scared that you haven’t even begun to think about it? Last week, Berkeley Connect in Math hosted a panel on summer internships to help demystify the process. The featured speakers were Rocky Foster, one of the … Continue Reading »

What Do Graduate Students in Math Do?

  As students, we can sometimes lose sight of the fact that we are surrounded by incredible resources on a daily basis. One such resource might be the people who grade our problem sets, discuss readings, and mentor us on a daily basis—our graduate student instructors. And one of their areas of expertise is the … Continue Reading »

Hands-on in the Hearst Museum

Hands on in the Hearst Museum

The public galleries of the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology are closed for renovation and won’t re-open to the public until 2017, but some lucky students in Berkeley Connect Math got a chance to tour a portion of the museum’s vast collection (approximately 2.5 million objects). The students had the opportunity to view historical … Continue Reading »

Math, History, Philosophy: Exploring the Connections

Math, History, Philosophy

  Mathematics can seem abstract, separate from the “real world,” but actually, math is tightly wound into the history of humankind. At one of the last Berkeley Connect Math small-group discussions of the semester, students considered math’s origins in the ancient world, and the role it plays in our contemporary world. As a case study, … Continue Reading »

For the Love of Math: Demystifying Graduate School

On the top floor of Evans Hall, overlooking a stunning view of the Bay Area, Berkeley Connect students recently met with a panel of graduate students in Mathematics. Grad students Elan Bechor, Maria Martinez, Kevin O’Neill, and Morgan Weiler were joined by Professors Thomas Scanlon and Jenny Harrison, the faculty directors of Berkeley Connect in … Continue Reading »

An Inside Look at Graduate School

Graduate students in STEM fields share their experiences with Berkeley Connect Math When asked what they want to do once they graduate, many UC Berkeley undergrads reply “go to graduate school.” As the Spring 2015 semester drew to a close, Berkeley Connect Math invited some graduate students to talk about why they came to Berkeley, their … Continue Reading »

Meeting the Faculty

Berkeley Connect Math students learn about their professors’ paths to Berkeley In class, students rarely learn about where their professors came from or what they are working on now. Berkeley Connect Math hosted a special panel at which students could ask professors about anything–from their own personal journey to their current research. Invited to speak were … Continue Reading »

Exploring the Past of Math

Berkeley Connect Math students visit the Bancroft Library Berkeley Connect Math students were in for a treat when they took a trip to the Bancroft Library last week. Guided by the Bancroft’s Lee Anne Titangos, students got the opportunity to browse everything from the first printed version of Euclid’s Elements to a letter written by … Continue Reading »