Berkeley Connect students give each other wise advice

Rebekah Flores, a junior in Berkeley Connect Social Welfare, created this post to capture all the great advice students shared with each other at a recent Berkeley Connect session: *** Berkeley Connect is a donor-supported program. To help Berkeley Connect reach more students, make a donation today!

Zooming into a New Reality: Berkeley Connect Under Quarantine

With UC Berkeley classes and operations moved to the virtual realm to combat the spread of COVID-19, Berkeley Connect has transitioned to Zoom, the online tool used to host meetings and classes remotely. In the first-ever Berkeley Connect English discussion session hosted on Zoom by mentor Katie Bondy, students shared their concerns and struggles dealing … Continue Reading »

Environmental Conservation: How to Make the Right Decisions

Imagine that you and a small group of conservationists must decide which lifeforms are most important to save from the brink of extinction. It’s a horrible task to be given; the extinction of any living thing is a tragedy and could cause immense damage. The web of biodiversity that connects ecosystems with their inhabitants, and … Continue Reading »

How to Cite the FBI, and Other Challenges for the Historian

Citations are the bane of many a student, absolutely critical yet seemingly so hard to master. In a recent Berkeley Connect in History discussion, mentor and recent History PhD-recipient Camilo Lund-Montano helped students understand the tricky world of citing using the Chicago Manual of Style, the accepted standard for historical writing.  Lund-Montano acclimated students to … Continue Reading »

Ethical Dilemmas: What is the Right Thing to Do?

Ethics is the study of right and wrong and as such, it means different things to different people. In a recent small group meeting for Berkeley Connect in Philosophy, some of those differences were discussed and debated. Berkeley Connect mentor Erica Klempner, who recently received her PhD in Philosophy, studies ethics extensively. She challenged students … Continue Reading »

Talking about Music, Technology, and Childish Gambino

The ways that we listen and engage with music have changed drastically over the past 150 years. Starting with the invention of the phonograph in the late 1800s, sound systems have evolved at lightning speed to match musician and consumer demands. That brings us to the central question recently posed by Berkeley Connect in Music … Continue Reading »

Ch-ch-changes, and how to manage them

Sometimes, life throws a curveball and sends you barrelling along a trajectory you didn’t expect. It can be difficult to maneuver these experiences. However, it’s something we all face, whether it’s entering university, moving to a new city, or getting a new job. In a recent Berkeley Connect Math small group discussion, students discussed the … Continue Reading »

The Line Between Innovation and Immorality

Moral guidelines can become difficult to determine when exploring new frontiers of science and technology. When pursuing scientific discovery, how do we know when we’ve gone too far? These challenges were on display when graduate student Amanda Mok led Berkeley Connect Computational Biology students in a discussion of ethical responsibilities related to gene editing.   … Continue Reading »

How to Have a Life During Crunch Time

It’s midterm season. You know what this means –– studying, trying to focus, and drinking gallons of coffee. Self-care is especially imperative during the general stress of midterm season. There are some common problems that many students run into during this period. However, there are also solutions to these problems. It may come as a … Continue Reading »