Find Your Fall 2018 Berkeley Connect Welcome Event

Did you enroll in Berkeley Connect, or hope to enroll? Are you trying to figure out where to go the first week? Most Berkeley Connect program kicks off with a welcome event; sections begin meeting the following week at the date/time/location listed in the schedule of classes. Check the schedule below for the date, time, and location of the welcome event you are looking for; information will be updated as it becomes available. Syllabuses with a detailed week-by-week schedule are also posted on each program’s bCourses site, and on our website under Participating Departments.

African American Studies: Tuesday,August 28, 5 & 6pm, 554 Barrows Hall

Architecture: Thursday, August 23, 6pm, 112 Wurster Hall

Computational Biology: Wednesday, August 22, 5pm, 108 Wheeler Hall

English: Wednesday, August 22, 6pm, Maude Fife Room, 315 Wheeler Hall

ESPM: Wednesday, August 22, 12pm, Morgan Lounge (East side of Morgan Hall)

Ethnic Studies: Tuesday,August 28, 5 & 6pm, 554 Barrows Hall

History: Welcome/kick off will be at first section meetings

Math: Thursday, August 23, 5pm, 1015 Evans Hall

Music:  Wednesday, August 22, 5pm, Morrison Hall Atrium

Philosophy:Wednesday, August 22, 7pm, Howison Library, Moses Hall

Physics:  Tuesday, August 28, 12:30pm or Wednesday, August 29, 12pm, 375 LeConte Hall

Sociology: Wednesday, August 29, 5pm, 402 Barrows Hall

Social Welfare: Thursday, August 23, 4pm, Haviland Commons