Internships and Funding for Undergraduate Research

Berkeley Connect in English is interested in helping students explore many aspects of academic study and professional preparation, including internships. What follows is a preliminary list of internship opportunities and funds for undergraduate archival work or conference travel that your mentors have researched or that your fellow Berkeley Connect students have held. The list is a work in progress, and you are our best resource! Please continue to send links and descriptions of internships that would be of interest to English majors.

A few tips:

  • Read the fine print. We have not vetted these programs in any way, and the list below should be read as a set of research leads rather than as endorsements of these programs.
  • Conduct your own research. The Berkeley Career Center is a great place to start. Visit their website: Or stop by the office for an individualized Career Counseling Appointment.
  • Network. Ask your classmates about their internship experiences.
  • Join the EUA.  Ken Mahru, the English Undergraduate Adviser, sends out regular announcements about internship and job opportunities to the EUA listserv.
  • See the February edition of The Chernin Files for further ideas about finding internships, available at