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In addition to Berkeley Connect, there are a wealth of resources available on campus to help you make the most of your undergraduate education at UC Berkeley! If you are experiencing a crisis, please see additional resources for When Things Get Tough.


Academic Services in the Residence Halls

A guide to the tutoring, advising, and resident faculty available to students living in campus residence halls.

American Cultures Center

Learn about how to fulfill your AC requirement, “engaged scholarship” opportunities to connect your academics with community service, and more.

Arts + Design

Explore the rich landscape of arts and design at UC Berkeley.

Ask L&S Peers

Get academic advice from fellow students in the College of Letters & Science. In-person appointments plus online FAQs and blog.

Athletic Study Center

Helps student-athletes achieve academic excellence.

Berkeley Academic Guide

Not just a course catalog, the Guide can help you explore possible majors, find degree requirements, learn about faculty research, and more.

Berkeley International Office

Services to enhance the academic experience of international students.

Berkeley Study Abroad

Learn about opportunities to study or intern in other countries.

Big Ideas Courses

Courses that bring together two (or more) professors from different disciplines to team-teach courses that satisfy the Letters & Science breadth requirements.

Career Center

Explore career options; find internships and externships; network with alums and potential employers; and prepare for your post-graduation job search.

Centers for Educational Equity & Excellence (CE3)

Programs that empower non-traditional students to excel. Includes:

Centers for Educational Justice and Community Engagement (EJCE)

Seven collaborative offices that include the Gender Equity Resource Center and programs that provide community and advocacy for African American, Asian Pacific American, Chicano/Latino, and Native American students.

College Writing Programs

Build confidence in your writing and enhance your ability to express your ideas effectively.

Course Threads

The Course Threads Interdisciplinary Program for Undergraduates allows students to explore intellectual themes that connect courses across departments and disciplines.

Disabled Students Program

Ensures educational accessibility for students with disabilities, including ADD and learning disabilities.

Discovery Courses

Courses taught by some of the most distinguished professors on campus, designed to meet the Letters & Science breadth requirements.

Freshman & Sophomore Seminars

Intimate, faculty-led seminars for lower-division students.

Getting into Graduate School

Mentoring for all UC Berkeley students, and particularly first-generation and under-represented students, interested in applying to graduate school.

LEAD Center

Campus hub for student leadership opportunities.

Library: Services for Undergraduates

Librarians are available to assist with your research: in person, by phone, and by email.

Museum of Vetebrate Zoology: Undergraduate Program

Find out about opportunities to do hands-on research work.

Office of Undergraduate Research& Scholarships 

Learn about the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP) and, by clicking on “Opportunities,” a host of other internships and scholarships available to undergraduate students at Berkeley.


A list maintained by the Financial Aid office of all the competitive prizes that honor scholarly achievement and creative expression by students at Berkeley.

Public Service Center

Community-based volunteer and internship opportunities.

Scholarship Connection

UC Berkeley’s clearinghouse for information on scholarships funded by sources outside the University.

Science @ Cal

Learn more about science-related educational and research resources available on campus.

Step by Step

A guide that helps Berkeley undergraduates enrich their academic experience and prepare for graduate school, created by the College of Letters & Science.

Stiles Hall

A non-profit community organization located just across the street from UC Berkeley, Stiles Hall provides support services for under-represented transfer students as well as opportunities for community service.

Student Learning Center

Students working with students to promote academic excellence and personal success.

Summer Sessions

Take classes during the summer that can help you meet requirements or explore new fields.